Do you speak English?

Es stand schon immer auf meiner Wunschliste: Ich würde echt gerne gut Englisch sprechen können. Verstehen ging ja immer noch so einigermaßen, und wenn ich nicht weiter wußte, habe ich halt mein Englisch-Wunder Thompson gefragt. Er war lange Zeit in England beschäftigt und hat zu der Zeit sogar auf Englisch geträumt. Hihi.

Es aber selber können ist ja nunmal schon was anderes.

Den Ausschlag, es aber nun wirklich anzugehen hat dann mein Arbeitgeber gegeben.  Als ich krank wurde, war ihm nicht klar, wie ich als Filialleitung weiterarbeiten kann. Mir schon, aber dazu gehören ja immer zwei. Darum habe ich mich auf eine andere Stelle beworben. Und hier wurde Englisch gefordert. Wenn man aber fast 35 Jahre im Beruf ist und es nie benötigt, kann sich jeder vorstellen, was aus diesem Können wird. Bei der Absage auf meine Bewerbung wurde mir dann auch mitgeteilt, dass meine Englischkenntnisse nicht ausreichend seien. Gut, ich war motiviert, diese zu verbessern. Aber das reichte nicht, es musste SOFORT da sein, das Wissen. Ja, so kennt man meine Firma... am besten gestern.

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What is the greatest invention of our time?

In fact, I think, it's depends on the person, who is asked this question. A person who is suffering from cancer might say that the greatest invention would be the medicine that heals them. A person, who can't walk, might say it's the wheelchair, that's helping them to reach their destinations. Or a person who has a broken leg thinks it's the plaster cast that helps the leg healing by holding it firm.


For me, it's the discovery of bacteria and the invention of antibiotics like penicillin. With that, people haven't to die in result of an illness that's caused of bacteria.


Before germs were discovered, a lot of women died because they became ill during birth. Doctors didn't clean their hands before helping the baby come to the world. So the bacteria went into the organism of the mother and made her seriously ill, sometimes so bad that she died. The illness named childbed fever was the main cause of mothers' dying. After birth the bacteria went into the body and increased. So the mother got high fever and sometimes she died. After discovering the case, doctors had to clean their hands with alcohol so they were free of bacteria and less mothers became ill.


The invention of antibiotics has helped a lot of mothers to be healthy again. In these times there are a lot of antibiotics which help the people. Sometimes they are taken too often, so the bacteria become resistant and they can't help no more. So it's important to use them responsibly.


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What does Christmas mean to me? Part 1

...and... has it changed after the years?

My wonderful English teacher asked me these questions, not without saying, he would like to read a text with the answers. Here it is! :-)


I like these questions.

They make me think about Christmas, and matching the Christmas I used to know when I was a child also to the Christmas we celebrated when my children were little to the Christmases we celebrated in the last years.

I will begin with the first question.

What does it mean to me? It's not true to say: "I don't believe in God", but it isn't the truth, either, to say: "I do." It's something in between, because I don't go to church and pray to him, but when I have had a wonderful experience or a lucky moment, then I look up to the sky and say "Thank you." Here I sent my gratitude not only to God, but also to him. And to my cousin Ralf and my grandmother, from whom I think, that they are looking after me from heaven.

I am pretty sure that someone takes care of me. In my imagination there are no special persons who do this heavy job so I prefer to call it destiny. And I believe in karma so I try to be a friendly and kind person, who takes care, helps, doesn't lie, steal or do bad things.

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What does Christmas mean to me? Part 2

Now I want to think and write about the question: Has Christmas changed over the years?

In my opinion it's the normal way of life. Things are changing. The way a child is feeling and makes its experiences is different to an adult. In a children’s world is a lot of space for dreams, tales and fantasy. The time seems to stop when you are waiting for Christmas Eve. When I was a child, my father and I visited my grandma in the afternoon of Christmas Eve. I was very excited and hopeful that the time will go by fast. But it didn't. It was like a big pink bubble gum, stretching and it seemed that it didn't want.

Finally we arrived at home, the Livingroom-door was closed and I had to wait again. We didn't call it Santa Claus, who came to bring the gifts; we were waiting for the Christ Child. In my fantasy it was an angel with big white wings and long fair hair. It came through the window and so it left, that's why I never was able to have a look at it. I eavesdropped at the door trying to hear something that would give me a sign that it was already there. I heard quiet noises, might be the Christ Child was preparing my gifts. I was so curious and excited!

Finally the music began to play. That was the sign that the door could be opened by me. With big eyes I looked back to my mother and my grandma, asking them for their "go!" and then I opened the door.

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Once upon a time - my apprenticeship started

Once upon a time...

that's how fairy tales normally begin, right?

My fairy tale started in 1985 in City called Mönchengladbach-Rheydt, Germany. It was August 1st, 9 o'clock in the morning. My first day at work. I had decided to start an apprenticeship to become a trained retail saleswoman. There were lots of shops which were interested to employ me; however, I decided to go for C&A.

I was 16 years old and a little bit different from the other apprentices, who worked there. In my free time I loved to meet up with my friends. They were punks, rockabillies and some mods. My boyfriend was a rockabilly and he became a hairdresser. He loved his apprenticeship! So he was learning very hard how to do the hair and I was his model. I sometimes had a hair-do every day. ;-) Although I had to dress like a lady at work, with white blouses and black trousers, I dressed like a Rockabilly in my free time.

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